How do I delete the previous Bluetooth connections on my 2010-2016 Limited Chevy Cruze?

If you’ve recently purchased a Chevy Cruze from the older body style, or if you’ve had yours for a while, you might have filled up the available Bluetooth paring connections. No problem, you can just delete them, right? Sure. Well, sometimes.

Sometimes the connections won’t delete. You can tell the car to as many times as you want and those old defunked phones will stay paired. It’s a quirk of that particular vehicle, but there’s always a fix, and in this case it’s an easy one!
Follow these steps:

Make sure the Cruze is in park
  • Unplug all USB devices and cables from the car
  • Turn the Cruze off
  • Open the driver’s door as wide as it will go
  • Wait 5 minutes. This will trigger the system to resetAfter 5 minutes have passed, turn the Cruze back on and try to delete the previously paired devices again. It will work this time.
I acknowledge this sounds ridiculous, but I’ve helped customers with this very issue using this very solution a number of times and it always works.I hope this helps!

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