New Drivers in the UK Will Be Tested on ‘Satellite Navigation’ Skills


Get this... new drivers in the UK will actually have to pass a "satellite navigation" section on their drivers test!

According to a new report from "Autoweek," the UK's Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) is trying to keep up with the times. This modern twist will join more common driving tasks like rejoining traffic after pulling over, backing out of a space and parking in public.

The DVSA is attempting to keep their test current with issues that face drivers in 2017. The test will also help train new drivers to deal with these technological distractions. 

The report says that new drivers will have to respond to commands while driving, such as "turn on the rear defroster" while driving, instead of merely pointing at the buttons before leaving for the test. The satellite-guided exam will also double the test's time, going from 10 minutes to 20. The hope is that the longer time behind the wheel will make the assessment of new drivers more effective.

These changes are rolling out in the UK December 4th, but so far there haven't been any talk of bringing similar changes to the US.

What do you think -- should the US bring about similar changes to the driving test?

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