So you got your new (or mildly pre-owned) Nissan, and you’re excited. You should be; they’re awesome vehicles. The first thing you do before you even drive away from the dealership is pair your Android smartphone to your new vehicle so you can safely and legally stay connected to the world around you.

But you soon hear from friends that when they text you while driving, your car auto replies with “I’m driving”. A nice, responsible feature to be sure, but you’d rather just wait and respond yourself once you’ve arrived at your destination. (Not at a red light, that’s illegal) So you turn the feature off in vehicle settings. But you get back in the next day and it’s still happening, and the setting you turned off is inexplicably turned back on again. So now what?

(I’ve seen this issue on ’14 and ’15 Rogues, as well as ’15 Altimas, but I’m sure it’s very common on any Nissan that uses that same radio head unit)

This is a somewhat common occurrence for Android smartphones, but rest assured, there is a fix. It’s intentionally complicated, as it’s supposed to be, because it requires accessing a service menu you’re not going to want to stumble into accidentally. Basically you need to do a factory reset on your audio system. Here are the steps:

  1. Turn the radio off, then press and hold preset 1 while turning the volume knob several turns counter-clockwise. This will bring up the service menu.
  2. Select the second option, Confirmation/Adjustment
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the list and select Initialize Settings
  4. Once it’s finished, power your radio back on, and try again to turn off sms auto reply in Bluetooth settings. It should hold this time and not turn back on every time you power cycle your vehicle
This is going to delete all of your radio preset settings and probably un-pair you phone from its Bluetooth connection, but it should solve your auto-responding text messaging issue. Re-pair your phone and put your radio presets back and you should be right as rain.

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