Bluetooth Troubleshooting for Calls


Just about every new vehicle sold these days comes equipped with Bluetooth connectivity which allows for hands-free calling from your cell phone. This is not simply automotive manufacturers trying to keep up with each other in terms of standard technology, they're looking at it as a safety feature. Thousands of automobile accidents every year are a result of distracted driving, and if people can make the calls they need to make by only using voice commands it reduces the need for people to look at their phone and take their eyes off the road. Couple this with the fact that holding a cell phone and driving is illegal in New York state and you've got a very good reason to use Bluetooth in your vehicle if you ever choose to use your phone while driving.

But just like any technology, Bluetooth is not without its quirks, limitations, and issues. You can pair up a phone and everything is fine, and everything will be fine for a while, but sometimes things go awry. That's with the technology specialist come in. Here are a few Bluetooth issues and the ways we've found to resolve them.

"My phone used to connect automatically when I got in my vehicle, but now it doesn't anymore."

This is one we hear all the time and it's actually a very common Bluetooth problem. Overtime your Bluetooth connection can stop working and need to be unpaired from your vehicle and paired up again. Sometimes the best remedy to Bluetooth connection issue is starting over with a fresh pairing. This sounds simple at first but there's a couple steps you'll need to take to make sure you fully unpaired and paired your phone again in a way that will give you maximum connectivity.

 When un-pairing your phone make sure you go into your car's settings and remove your phone as a Bluetooth connection, but also go into your phone's setting and remove your car as a Bluetooth connection. Both sides of the connection should forget the other one ever existed. This will prevent the previous connection from interfering with the brand-new one you're trying to establish. When you're ready to pair your phone up to the vehicle again, make sure you take your time. Once the pairing is complete a lot of phones will have a pop up message that asks if you would like to share your contact list, call history, and text messages with your vehicle and it's usually a good idea to allow all of those things to happen. If you navigate away from the Bluetooth settings on your phone too quickly sometimes these messages won't pop up. So the best thing to do is make sure that you go through the process slowly and carefully. The extra minute or two you spend establishing the connection properly will save you a lot of frustration down the road.

"Sometimes the people I'm talking to on the phone are either way too loud or way too quiet."

A feature that not many people talk about is the fact that the volume control buttons on your steering wheel not only control the radio when the radio is playing but they also control the volume of the other person on the phone with you while you're in a call. The easiest thing to do if the volume isn't right from the person you're on the phone with is to turn them up or down using the steering wheel volume controls. 

"Where on my car's infotainment system can I add a new contact to my contact list?"

This one is pretty easy. If you want to add someone to your contact list on your vehicle all you do is add them to your contact list on your phone like you normally would. The next time you get in your vehicle it should automatically look for a new entries in your contact list and add them to your cars infotainment system.

Next time we'll go over troubleshooting ideas for streaming Bluetooth audio in your vehicle. I'm looking forward to it.

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