Handy High Tech Upgrades to Your GM Vehicle

General Motors is a brand that has been training itself on being on the cutting edge of vehicle technology. Which means if you buy a GM vehicle you're getting some of the latest and greatest features in safety and entertainment technology. Even if your current GM vehicle isn't brand new there are all sorts of ways you can take advantage of more recent technology to make your vehicle that much more comfortable and convenient.
  1.  The "MyBrand" Apps - Each GM brand has their own app for your smartphone (MyChevrolet, MyGMC, MyBuick, and MyCadillac) which can give you access to your vehicle's key fob remotely. That means you'll be able to lock, unlock, and (if equipped) remote start your vehicle from anywhere in the world where you have a cell phone signal. In addition to this really handy feature of the app, you also have access to your full owners manual, how-to videos, and the ability to check for recalls and make a service appointment all from the app. This app is available to almost every GM vehicle from 2011 to the present, and it's completely free for at least 3 years. This app is powered by OnStar, but only requires the OnStar Basic plan, which is free for at least 3 years. Contact me, or one of the other technology specialists to get this handy app set up.

  2. Adding Wi-Fi - newer GM vehicles have a built in 4G LTE wi-fi network built in, allowing your passengers to use wifi on all their mobile devices if yourself to purchase a data plan. GM has just made available the opportunity for most 2015 and newer vehicles to install this 4G LTE network, giving you this cutting edge technology.
Just because your vehicle is a few years old doesn't mean you can't get the latest and greatest technology. Contact myself or one of our other technology specialist with any questions you might have.

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