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Purchasing a Third Vehicle


With August rapidly approaching and high school/college students getting ready to go back to school, now is one of the most popular times for families to shop for a third vehicle. That process isn't always the easiest, which is why West Herr is here to help!

With over 2,000 used vehicles online starting at under $5,000... we feel we have something for everyone.

You may be thinking to yourself, "OK West…
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Vehicle Accessories Moves to New Location


Our accessory shop, "Vehicle Accessories" has a brand new home!!

The shop moved earlier this month to 4207 Southwestern Blvd., which provides a more visible location with improved accessibility for all of our customers. It is close to the corner of Southwestern and McKinely Avenue, across from Big Tree Road. (The old Advanced Auto Electronics.)

The growth of the shop over the past eight years provided us with the opportunity to build a stand-alone location…
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New Drivers in the UK Will Be Tested on ‘Satellite Navigation’ Skills


Get this... new drivers in the UK will actually have to pass a "satellite navigation" section on their drivers test!

According to a new report from "Autoweek," the UK's Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) is trying to keep up with the times. This modern twist will join more common driving tasks like rejoining traffic after pulling over, backing out of a space and parking in public.

The DVSA is attempting to keep their…
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When Can You Buy a Driverless Car?


That is the question that many continue to ask.

To this point, Ford had said a fully autonomous car would be available for ride-sharing companies by 2021, but we were still waiting for any sort of announcement on when consumers would be able to purchase one.

Thanks to a new report from a Ford Executive, we now have a much clearer picture for when this driverless technology will be on the open market.
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6 Best Cars for Short Drivers in 2017


If you’re vertically challenged, you know that finding the right car can be a difficult task.

Consumer Reports has released their 2017 list of best cars for short drivers. They based their report on seat comfort, driving position, seat and steering wheel adjustability, ease of access, and the sightlines.

In case you’re wondering the shortest person used in the test was 5’1’’. Now without further ado, onto the results!
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When You Should Lease vs. Buy


When it comes to purchasing a vehicle, there’s a lot to consider. One of the most common dilemmas is whether you should buy or lease. It’s not always an easy choice as each option has different advantages/disadvantages depending on your lifestyle and financial situation.
To help you out, we put together some information that should help you decide the best route for you!
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