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What Is Auto Start/Stop, and Should I Use It?


More and more vehicles are being released with the Auto Start/Stop feature included, even in base model trim levels. This is the feature that shuts the engine off when you're at a red light or stop sign and starts the engine back up when you take your foot off the break pedal. Auto makers love this feature because it cuts back on vehicle emissions and increases fuel economy.
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Good News 2016 Ford Owners: You're Getting Android Auto and Apple CarPlay

I've written before about how awesome and helpful Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are to drivers, especially those who don't have navigation built-in their vehicle. When Ford released their Sync 3 system on their 2016 vehicles they assured their customers they would eventually be getting an update to make the infotainment systems compatible with these cutting edge "phone projection" systems. Well, at long last that time has come.

With this new update you…
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When Can You Buy a Driverless Car?


That is the question that many continue to ask.

To this point, Ford had said a fully autonomous car would be available for ride-sharing companies by 2021, but we were still waiting for any sort of announcement on when consumers would be able to purchase one.

Thanks to a new report from a Ford Executive, we now have a much clearer picture for when this driverless technology will be on the open market.
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How to Use the 360 Camera in Your Ford Truck

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Ford F-Series trucks are a best buy in Western New York, well known to be the most reliable and most capable pickup trucks in the greater Buffalo area. And when you master the use of your truck's available 360 Camera with Split-View Display, you'll unlock a whole new kind of capability in your daily drive.

This innovative new system allows its driver to see not only what's behind and in front of the vehicle, but what's on the sides and how close you are to these objects. This makes parking in tight city spaces, navigating on…

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