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Where Do I Place My E-Z Pass In My New Car?

One question I get asked on a regular basis has to do with the high tech gadget that many of us have in our cars but never think about. And the question is as follows…

"Where is it OK and not OK to place my E-Z Pass in light of the advanced safety features in my new vehicle?"

This is actually a really good question. The advanced safety features you find a new vehicles such…
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Lease vs. Buy

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Should I lease, or buy my car? This is a question we hear all the time at West Herr!

It's really a personal question to answer... how you yourself plan to use the car and what you need it for. 

There's a lot of great benefits to both leasing and buying!
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Handy High Tech Upgrades to Your GM Vehicle

General Motors is a brand that has been training itself on being on the cutting edge of vehicle technology. Which means if you buy a GM vehicle you're getting some of the latest and greatest features in safety and entertainment technology. Even if your current GM vehicle isn't brand new there are all sorts of ways you can take advantage of more recent technology to make your vehicle that much more comfortable and convenient.
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Your High-Tech Vehicle and Car Washes

We're finally starting to see a break in the weather. It's getting warmer (however inconsistently) and we're getting signs that spring is right around the corner. Many people who purchased vehicles recently I thinking the same thing cool I can't wait to get my car washed. There's no better feeling than driving around in the good weather and a spotless new car.Your new car also has more technology than any vehicle you've ever driven before, including advanced safety features that will go along way toward preventing accidents. But sometimes these advanced safety features…
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Make Your Phones' Navigation Talk to You in the Car


Somewhat often customers will contact me and tell me they like using their phone's navigation when in their vehicle. The question I regularly get asked is "why can't I hear what the phone's navigation is telling me when I'm in my vehicle?" Good question!
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Your Vehicle Lives in a Smartphone World


The only industry that's changing faster than the automotive technology industry is the cell phone industry, particularly the world of smartphones. Vehicles change interfaces every 3-5 years with a couple new features sprinkled in occasionally, smartphones get new operating systems and new flagship devices every 6-9 months. Just blink and you'll miss 10 innovations in technology; it feels like the only constant is change.
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Voice control your Nissan with Amazon's Alexa


Many of us have a virtual assistant or smart home hub in our living room, The two most popular version is being Amazons echo in Google's Home device. These devices allow us to voice control our music, calendars, even some functions of our home like lights and thermostat.

These devices didn't exist five years ago but have now become part of our lives as individuals and part of the culture as a whole…
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What Is Auto Start/Stop, and Should I Use It?


More and more vehicles are being released with the Auto Start/Stop feature included, even in base model trim levels. This is the feature that shuts the engine off when you're at a red light or stop sign and starts the engine back up when you take your foot off the brake pedal. Auto makers love this feature because it cuts back on vehicle emissions and increases fuel economy.

Below is a video that…
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Keep Your Vehicle's Bluetooth Connection Fresh


Long gone are the days when having Bluetooth in your vehicle is a luxury. Now automakers view Bluetooth as a safety feature; a way to help their customers keep their hands on the wheel and not on their phones while driving. This feature being almost Universal in vehicles has been incredibly convenient for people, but often times it has also been incredibly frustrating when things don't work the way they're supposed to.
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