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West Herr Named 2018 Best Places to Work

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West Herr was once again at the top of the list for Buffalo Business First's Best Places to Work in the X-Large category. During a lunch celebration at Buffalo Riverworks on March 15th, the winners of this year's Best Places to Work were revealed. Each year, employees are asked to complete the Quantum Workplace employee engagement survey, which was developed in 2003 by a panel of leaders in the field of employee engagement. Our President & CEO, Scott Bieler, was at the ceremony to accept the award on behalf of our 2,000+ employees.

We would like to thank…
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2018 Vehicles to Look out for

Cars are more advanced than ever, and 2018 offers plenty of innovative new models to choose from. If you were unable to attend the Auto Show this year to check them out in person, here is a brief list of a few 2018 vehicles that we think are worth taking a closer look at:
Chevrolet Equinox
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This compact SUV has been completely redesigned. It’s shorter and lighter, with a more user-friendly interior and updated technology: the latest MyLink multimedia system and a 7- or 8-inch touch screen that supports both Android Auto and Apply CarPlay...
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West Herr Collision Centers

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Sometimes car accidents happen and it can be overwhelming. You have to make some pretty quick decisions!

Once you make sure everyone involved is OK, you next have to figure out where to bring your vehicle for some collision work. 

One thing a lot of people don't know, is that customers have a choice of where to bring their vehicle. They can bring it to any collision shop they want.
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Where Do I Place My E-Z Pass In My New Car?

One question I get asked on a regular basis has to do with the high tech gadget that many of us have in our cars but never think about. And the question is as follows…

"Where is it OK and not OK to place my E-Z Pass in light of the advanced safety features in my new vehicle?"

This is actually a really good question. The advanced safety features you find a new vehicles such…
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Lease vs. Buy

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Should I lease, or buy my car? This is a question we hear all the time at West Herr!

It's really a personal question to answer... how you yourself plan to use the car and what you need it for. 

There's a lot of great benefits to both leasing and buying!
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Handy High Tech Upgrades to Your GM Vehicle

General Motors is a brand that has been training itself on being on the cutting edge of vehicle technology. Which means if you buy a GM vehicle you're getting some of the latest and greatest features in safety and entertainment technology. Even if your current GM vehicle isn't brand new there are all sorts of ways you can take advantage of more recent technology to make your vehicle that much more comfortable and convenient.
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Grow your career with West Herr | Job Fair: March 7th

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We will be hiring for all positions at all 23 of our locations at our spring Job Fair!
Wednesday, March 7th
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
West Herr Toyota of Williamsville
8129 Main St, Williamsville, NY
Hiring all positions & skill levels, full & part time:
  • Sales & Leasing Professionals 
  • Service Technicians & Advisors 
  • Collision Technicians 
  • Support Staff 
  • Business Development...
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Your High-Tech Vehicle and Car Washes

We're finally starting to see a break in the weather. It's getting warmer (however inconsistently) and we're getting signs that spring is right around the corner. Many people who purchased vehicles recently I thinking the same thing cool I can't wait to get my car washed. There's no better feeling than driving around in the good weather and a spotless new car.Your new car also has more technology than any vehicle you've ever driven before, including advanced safety features that will go along way toward preventing accidents. But sometimes these advanced safety features…
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Help your car weather the WNY winter

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Buffalo winters are notorious for being both brutal and unpredictable. Between the freezing cold temperatures and salty, pothole-stricken roads, the winter months can wreak havoc on road conditions and vehicles alike. You – and your car – need to be prepared.
Follow these guidelines to winter-proof your car and keep it in peak condition:
Change to snow tires.
All-season tires might cut it if you live in the Carolinas, but are no match for the harsh WNY winters. Only snow tires are specifically designed with treads that will better grip the road, channel snow...
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