General Manager

Reports to: Owners and Directors

Location: West Herr Dealership

FLSA Status: Exempt



Responsible for the following team members: All Sales Related Personnel, Consultants, greeters, receptions, and cashiers, etc.

The following are Minimum Standards for all General Managers, General Sales Managers, New and Used Sales Managers in the Variable Department of West Herr Automotive. 

  • Manager must have knowledge of all the policies and procedures set forth by West Herr Auto Group as how to conduct business, manage inventories and personnel and attend all training.
  • Consultative Sales Process
    • Must be able to demonstrate, train, coach, and mentor the entire process with the sales team.
    • Must implement, and hold accountable to the entire team that this is the process of choice.
  • Development of your teams
    • Spend one quarter of your day training, developing, nurturing, coaching and mentoring your teams to bring them as a whole to a higher level of performance. Set your expectations, minimum standards, and hold them accountable to those expectations.
  • Facility Traffic
    • Traffic will be accurately entered each and every day your facility is open in our CRM. Every inquiry of a vehicle shall be counted and documented. This is to include, walk in, guests from service inquiring about a vehicle for purchase, guests wanting a brochure, in coming phone calls asking for information about the purchase of a vehicle, and all internet leads.
    • All the above will be tracked and monitored daily with no exception.
  • Management Involvement throughout the entire Sales Process
    • Management will get involved early on with all guests if nothing else but to introduce him/her self and THANK the guests for coming into the facility. Manager should be there to support the sales team through out the entire sales process, not just before a customer is ready to leave, for it is usually too late at this point.
    • Management should be aware of all customers in the facility at anyone time, including visitors, phone ups and Internet leads. 
    • Management should have a desking process that is consistent, supportive and informative to insure the sales process is being utilized. All consultants should be made aware of this process so they will feel that this process is necessary to provide support and knowledge necessary to consummate a sale.
  • Customer Follow-up
    • All customer activity involving the purchase of a vehicle, sold and unsold shall be followed up. This means involvement of managers and consultants to put a plan together to either get an unsold guest back in the showroom to consummate a sale, or follow up to thank a customer for their business. There shall be a process in place to follow Internet, and phone leads. Bench mark is 100% FOLLOW UP OF UNSOLD GUESTS WITHIN ONE BUSINESS DAY.
  • Support of Advanced TO for Financial Services, and support of the products, as well as mastering the Sales manager contribution to sell a warranty.
  • Ensure that all your team members have superior product knowledge. Not knowing your product will not be tolerated.
  • Have a working knowledge of the West Herr Message tools that are pertinent to your job, visiting this web site daily.


Management reserves the right to change these minimum standards and this compensation plan to conform to ever changing business conditions.


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