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When drivers think of safety systems in their vehicles, airbags, seatbelts or crumple zones may spring to mind. Probably the most important safety feature in your vehicle is the most overlooked. Your braking system brings your vehicle to a stop quickly and efficiently. Keeping it functioning properly is paramount to driving safely. Don’t wait to schedule your brake service at West Herr Auto Group.

Your driving style and daily route around Rochester, NY are the two largest factors in determining how often you’ll need new brake pads. A high number of stoplights along your route or heavy traffic will require plenty of brake use and necessitate replacement every 20,000 miles or even sooner. Conversely, if you do a lot of highway driving, you may only need your brakes replaced every 35,000 or more miles.

Common Brake Maintenance Services

When air seeps into your brakes’ hydraulic lines, it can cause a hiccup in performance. Brake response will be delayed and weak, a real safety hazard if you need to stop quickly. Air can be removed from the lines through a repair known as bleeding the brakes.

Your braking system will also need to have its fluid flushed occasionally and replaced with fresh fluid. Contaminants and moisture eventually seep into the line, muddling performance and causing corrosion. Fresh fluid will return functionality to correct levels and improve brake response time. You should have the fluid replaced every two to three years.

Trust Your Brakes to West Herr Auto Group

Across the family of West Herr Auto Group service centers, we’re focused on every aspect of your safety. That’s why we offer easy scheduling right online that allows you to book your next appointment at a convenient time with minimal contact. We can inspect your braking system thoroughly and conduct any necessary repairs.

Value is about more than just getting a fair price. While we offer excellent specials on the work we do, we also utilize manufacturer parts so you’ll have a factory quality repair whenever you visit.

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