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Get Your Car or Truck Battery Serviced to Prevent a Huge Headache

Car batteries tend to die at the most inconvenient moments. And unless you have left a light on or a door open, you may not even know that your battery is on its last leg. This is why taking it in to be serviced is so important. Here is everything you need to know about it.

Know The Signs of a Bad Battery

If a battery is close to giving out, it will usually show distinct signs of distress. Be alarmed if your indicator light comes on, your headlights randomly become dim, your car cranks a bit slower than usual, you notice a clicking sound when attempting to start your engine, or if your car cranks right up sometimes but fails to do so in other cases. Your car may even show physical signs of a failing battery by emitting sparks upon a crank or displaying corrosion.

How Getting it Serviced Will Help

Fortunately for you, bad batteries are another issue that can be addressed by an experienced mechanic from our service department. During a battery service appointment, an expert will examine your cables, checking for any exposed wire or signs of extreme wear that can weaken the connection between the engine and the battery. They will then remove any corrosion covering the terminals, eliminating the possibility of related misfires.

The battery itself will also be tested to ensure that it has the strength to sustain. The technician will determine whether it is good to go, could use a recharge, or needs to be replaced. Even if your battery appears to be in good health, as a preventative measure, it is wise to have it tested every few months or as you approach a new season.

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