Last year, we sold over 52,000 new and pre-owned vehicles.  There were many reasons but here are a few...

With new vehicles arriving every day and over 2,000 used vehicles to choose from, West Herr has the largest pre-owned inventory in Western New York.  

Free vehicle transfers to any of our 24 locations. And most of our vehicles are prepped and ready for same day express delivery! Click the logo to learn more.

Only about 40% of the vehicles we take in on trade get sold to our customers. What happens to the other 60%? They get wholesaled (about 250 per week) at our auction, to other dealers in the area.  

We prepare a report on every vehicle. Inside, you will find a CARFAX report, all known service history, a detailed reconditioning report, consumer reviews, and market pricing comparisons. We will never sell a vehicle with a branded title (flood damage, total loss, frame damage, etc.). 

Smart Pricing
We use SMART technology to scan the market for every comparable vehicle (year, make, model, and trim levels) offered for sale within 500 miles of the area.  Then we take that information, and price our vehicles according to the market - based on factors like: general availability, unique vehicle features, overall market demand, miles on vehicle, service reconditioning, and overall condition.

We try and have each specific vehicle priced very close to actual transaction price, so it's a win-win scenario for both sides.  This means that we don't 'mark them up' to 'mark them down'.  While we may be able to save you $100 or $200 here or there, in general you should not expect thousands of dollars in discounts.  However, since each vehicle is unique, and there is opportunity for market factors to change quickly, we welcome a conversation on any vehicle you may be interested in.


Each pre-owned vehicle West Herr sells has a competitive market report available which shows how a vehicle is priced compared to similar year/make/model vehicles.  You can access this report yourself online at - on each specific vehicle page look for the 'real deal' icon - clicking on this button will give you access to the same information we are using to price the vehicle.  We can also print this report out for your in-store, just ask any of our sales professionals or managers for more details.

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