Advantages to trading in your vehicle

April 26th, 2018 by
West Herr Auto Group -

When it comes to selling your vehicle, you have two options… trading it into a dealership, or trying to sell it yourself.

There are several advantages to choosing to go the dealership route!

1) You don’t have to deal with random strangers and phone calls from people you don’t know. It’s really a safety component. You also don’t have to spend the time and hassle figuring out various listing sites.

2) You don’t have to deal with the financial transaction & all the DMV registration paperwork. That stuff is not easy and can be a headache if you’re not use to it.

3) There are actually various tax advantages when you trade into a dealership.

West Herr Auto Group -

Wondering how you cN find out what your vehicle is worth? Right on the homepage of , we offer a “Value Your Trade” tool called, Trade Pending. Within about a minute when you type in your year, make & model, you can find out what your vehicle is worth!

Lastly your might be curious “What if I still owe money on my loan?!?” Don’t worry, that will typically not be a problem. All you have to do is come into one of our dealerships and we’ll give you a professional evaluation and share all your options 🙂

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