5 Tips To Keep Your Vehicle Awesome For The Long Drive

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As you cruise down to work in the morning, you feel good. You got your music jamming, you are looking forward to what the day has to hold.

But then…

Your vehicle suddenly breaks down for no apparent reason. Now, you are stuck on the outside of a barely frequented highway, with no reception.


Don’t worry, we know just how frustrating dime a dozen moments like this can be. But the good news is that we are here to give you some tips to help you prevent this from happening to you in this article.

* Don’t Underestimate The Power Regular Oil Changes Have *

Regularly changing your oil is one of the easiest ways to improve the longevity of your car. Yet, despite this almost 22% of the vehicles in America have dirty oil caps, kind of crazy – right?

You may be thinking, “Surely, clean oil is not going to add 10-years onto my truck though?”

Well, here are some of the benefits of regularly changing your oil.

Helps Keep Your Engine Lubricated

Think of all those pistons firing away, the moving parts spamming back and forth. The incredible heat caused while your engine is working to keep moving. All of this is bound to cause some wear and tear, right?

Well, lubricating the engine provides a bit of relief to the components and reduces the chances of a complete breakdown. At the same time, this lubrication helps reduce friction on the components, which in turn reduces the heat emitted by your truck while in use.

Improves Gas Rates And Longevity

Imagine trying to wash dishes with a tiny rag. Now, imagine you were using a fully-blown sponge designed to help make the job easier. The later would be more efficient, right?

Well, the same principle applies when oiling up your vehicle. Through the lubrication provided, you can expect a drop of almost 1-2 % in gas rates, which adds up over time. Of course, we can’t forget the fact that through doing all of this you will also protect your engine increasing the longevity of your vehicle overall.

* Rotating Your Tires Can Help With A Bit Of Wear *

Not many people realize that tires do not all wear down at the same pace. In fact, did you know that oftentimes front-tires experience the most wear and tear on the road?

That’s why we suggest considering rotating your tires whenever you do an oil change. This will help even the spread of wear on your tires, ultimately increasing there lifespan.

But that’s not all this does.

Through rotating your tires, you can also ensure you have a smoother ride, and reduce the stress placed on your suspension over-time. Be sure to check your owners manual to see the recommended tire pattern.

* Wheel Alignment Is The Next Big Step *

Do you drive a little over the top sometimes? Perhaps the environment you drive your vehicle is just rough. Both of these elements can throw your wheels completely out of whack and leave them misaligned.

The problem is…

Driving with improper wheel alignment will cause incredible strain on your tires, your gas usage, as well as just general poor handling on the roads. Which is why, if you notice it happening – it’s best to go get it sorted out straight away.

After all, remember. Wear and tear on your wheels will lead to your suspension almost like a butterfly effect.

* Your Engine Also Needs Some Fresh Air Now And Then *

Did you know that all-vehicles have air filters? These are designed to help reduce pollutants from entering the engines components.

The problem is over-time these air filters can get clogged.

If you want to make sure you are getting the most out of your engine in terms of performance, and longevity, we recommend whipping out your toolbox every 15,000 – 30,000 miles to replace the filter.

* Sometimes It’s Not A Bad Idea To Take It To The Professionals *

If you are anything like me, you love being able to take care of your car yourself, b ut the thing is, there are people who know how to take the smallest sign of a problem to prevent something that could really hurt your truck in the long-run.

One of the most important things as a car owner is to know when to bring the professionals in. Here at West Herr, we are always here to help address any and all of your _ car service needs _ !

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