West Herr Wednesday: Lauryn Courteau

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For this week’s West Herr Wednesday we visited West Herr Toyota of Orchard Park to get to know Cashier/Receptionist, Lauryn Corteau.

Growing up in Orchard Park, Lauryn attended school in the Hamburg district.

“We were right on the border, so even though I lived in OP, I went to school in Hamburg.”

Lauryn attended up attending Alfred State for college.

“I started off in Sports Management, but realized that wasn’t the right fit for me, so I changed to Business Administration.”

Lauryn started looking for a job while she was in school and her cousin recommended West Herr.

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“Both of my cousins, Mike & Sabrina, work at the Ford Hamburg store and told me I needed to apply.”

Lauryn was hired a short time later at Toyota Orchard Park as a Cashier and has now been at West Herr for three years.

“About eight months in, our General Manager Justin asked if I wanted to move up front to be a Receptionist so now I split my time between both positions.”

When it comes to what Lauryn likes the most about working at West Herr, it’s the people.

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“There is a true family atmosphere at our store. I am really close with all of my co-workers and hang out with a lot of them outside of work. We always have each other’s back.”

Lauryn also really enjoys the leadership at her store.

“Are managers are great. It is nice have a job where you actually really like your bosses.”

Outside of work, you’ll find Lauryn getting in quality time with her loved ones.

West Herr Auto Group -
West Herr Auto Group -

“I usually am hanging out with family and friends. I also enjoy going to Chestnut Ridge to go hiking.”

West Herr Auto Group -
West Herr Auto Group -

While Lauryn is in the spotlight today, you’ll usually find her behind the camera.

“I am always the one taking the pictures. I have an SLR so I enjoy capturing the moment.”

When it comes to her future at West Herr, Lauryn is very open minded.

“Being a student, I am not sure exactly what my future holds, but I am of course looking to move up. I think something behind the scenes is more of a fit for me.”

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