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For this week’s Technician Tuesday, we headed over to West Herr Chevrolet of Williamsville to catch up with Technician, Aaron Balon! Aaron has been a technician at West Herr for over five years now!

For as long as Aaron can remember, he has always had an interest in cars. He said growing up, his family always had classic cars, so his interest in cars just continued to grow throughout his life! Aaron completed BOCES in high school, and upon completion, he knew he found his life-long career!

Aaron mentioned working at a few different automotive shops around the area, but always sticking to the Chevrolet brand. Aaron mentions, “I’m a GM guy, through and through.” He says he was intrigued to see what employment opportunities were open at West Herr because he had heard of their amazing reputation.

After speaking with Service Manager, Keith Wiesinger, he quickly caught on how great of a place West Herr is to work at, and soon began his career here! Aaron had a co-worker from a previous place of employment, Mike Scott, who followed Aaron to West Herr shortly after. He and Mike have been working side by side with each other for almost 10 years – 5 of them being at West Herr!

Aaron also loves being able to work with his wife, Courtney, who is a Service Writer at West Herr Chevrolet of Williamsville! He mentions one of their favorite perks of West Herr is their Employee Appreciation Picnics in the Summer! “It’s always nice getting to bring the kids & have the family together!” says Aaron.

When Aaron isn’t working, he mentions he is staying busy with his two kids! He also mentions he, like his family, has classic cars that he tinkers with in his free time. “When I’m not at West Herr working on cars, I’m at home working on cars,” he mentions. Aaron also says he has been getting into fishing, and tries to find the time to do it as much as he can!

Aaron mentions he has a good team surrounding him that he is grateful for. “I have a great relationship with Chris Schouman & Keith Wiesinger, and of course my friend and co-worker, Mike Scott,” he adds.

One thing Aaron is proud of is making President’s Club this year! As a technician, there is a certain points system to adhere to, and you must meet a certain number to have made President’s Club!

When looking down the road at different goals Aaron has, he is not 100% sure on what that looks like right now. He mentions he really loves what he is doing now but would potentially like to lead a team of his own one day!

Aaron was honored to mention he just achieved Master Technician for GM and is only four tests away from achieving the highest level – World Class Technician!

Aaron has such an amazing work ethic, and we are so lucky to have him on Team West Herr! Keep up the amazing work, Aaron!

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