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For this week’s Technician Tuesday, we headed over to West Herr Subaru of Orchard Park to Meet Master Technician, Dylan Boone! Dylan is celebrating his nine-year anniversary with West Herr this coming May!

Dylan mentions he has always had an interest in cars, and oddly enough, says he remembers always loving the smell of an auto shop as a child when visiting them with his mom! Once Dylan had the opportunity to peruse this career path with BOCES in high school, he knew that this is what he eventually wanted to do professionally!

Upon graduating high school, Dylan went on to join the Automotive Technician program at Alfred State, which was where he was first introduced to West Herr! Subaru’s then Service Manager, Ed Schaffer, came and spoke at Alfred and later invited Dylan and a group of his classmates out on a site-visit to the dealership to get a glimpse of what life would be like at West Herr.

While he was in school, Dylan worked for another local dealership, but didn’t feel secure with what his future looked like there. He mentions after meeting with Ed and seeing West Herr’s facility, he felt confident in making the leap over. Soon after graduation, he began as an apprentice under his mentor, Tommy Mazgaj.

As Dylan began his career at West Herr, his hard work and skill was recognized, and he was promoted to a full time Technician quicker than he expected! As he grew, and the timing was right, he was then promoted to Team Lead, which is his current role today. Dylan mentions he takes pride in having that title and genuinely enjoys the team of technicians he has underneath him.

Dylan says that from his nine years at West Herr Subaru, his favorite part has been watching his team and store grow. “The family we’ve built here is amazing and it has been really great to see the store grow from a little dealership to the size it is today,” he adds.

In Dylan’s free time, he is keeping busy by getting his Private Pilot’s License! This entails many hours of flying time and written tests. One day he has ambitions to eventually become a Commercial Pilot. He also loves to hang out with his friends & girlfriend in his free time!

Dylan is proud to be a Master Technician of the Subaru brand, but a personal goal of his is to become a Senior Master Technician – the highest level. He wanted to mention a few of the many people he is thankful for in his time here at West Herr! “Tommy Mazgaj was my mentor & Team Lead, and without him I wouldn’t be where I am today,” he says. He also wanted to thank Ed Shaffer, who was the first person to introduce him to West Herr!

He says he loves to diagnose cars and really problem solve why they aren’t working. Dylan says for this reason, he can’t live without his scan tool! “Being able to diagnose the problem and look deeper into it is what I really love doing,” Dylan says. He mentions in the nine-years he’s been here, he has been loyal to the Subaru brand, and it’s where he will continue to stay for the remainder of his career at West Herr!

Dylan is such a talented individual, and we are so lucky to have him on Team West Herr! Keep up the good work, Dylan! If you or someone you know is interested in applying to West Herr to join our awesome technician team, you can find more information over on our careers page.

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