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For this week’s Technician Tuesday, we headed over to Audi Buffalo to sit down with Oleh Satsiuk. Oleh is a technician that recently graduated from our AMP Program and then went on to become full time here at West Herr!

Oleh was originally born and raised in the Ukraine and moved to the US about a year ago. While living in the Ukraine, he was working at an Automotive Parts company, so he knew that when he moved to the US, he wanted to continue in the same field. When talking about cars and the automotive industry, Oleh says, “It is my passion.”

Oleh shares that when he was living in the Ukraine, he and his family never had plans to move to another country. “One morning, I heard some noise outside, some explosions. I sensed that something was wrong, and started reading messages from friends stating that the war has started,” he says.

In that moment, Oleh mentions that his life was forever changed. He packed as much as he could for his family in two bags and decided then that they needed to relocate. He and his family moved to the US not too long after that.

He mentions when he was living in the Ukraine, he would be the guy to fix his family’s cars – and he has a large family! He soon learned about the 15-week hands on program that West Herr offers through ECC and decided to enroll in that. Upon graduation, he recognized how much he enjoyed his work environment and the company, so he decided to come on full time!

He wanted to add in how appreciative he is for all his instructors. “They taught me simple car maintenance. They are all great instructors and very nice people!” Oleh says. “The AMP program in my opinion is the best way for you to get hands-on experience and learn a lot of safety protocols as a technician.”

Oleh mentions how he loves all the benefits that West Herr offers to their employees. He says something he loves is the little tokens of appreciation that the employees receive for holidays and whatnot! “It really shows that West Herr cares about their employees,” Oleh says.

Upon coming on full time to West Herr, he mentioned to management that he couldn’t bring over his tools from the Ukraine, leaving him with none to start his new career. “West Herr offered me help and bought me my first tool set,” Oleh says. He stresses how thankful and appreciative he is to West Herr. “You can’t be a technician without tools. Without West Herr’s help, I feel like I wouldn’t be who I am today,” he mentions.

He says he loves working on the Audi brand because some of their fixes are a bit complicated. “I like it because I’m always learning, and sometimes it is not simple. When you start studying it and learning how to fix it, it becomes simple,” he mentions.

When Oleh isn’t working, he mentions he loves spending time with his wife & son! He says he loves spending time outside with his son, and in the Winter, he loves to have snowball fights!

When asking Oleh about influential co-workers, he mentions that all the guys in his shop are “very cool”. He says, “whenever I am having difficulties, they are always there to help me.” He adds in that they get along great, and he’s lucky to have co-workers like them!

Oleh has a lot of goals here at West Herr. He says long-term, while he would like to remain a technician, he would like to become a Master Technician not only for Audi, but for multiple brands. “I want to be able to understand and fix any issues with any car,” Oleh adds.

When asking Oleh what his favorite tool was, it was hard for him to decide between a Torque Wrench or an Impact Gun. He says that one of the biggest learning curves when moving to America was our tools. “They are much different than we used to have in the Ukraine,” he adds.

Oleh is such a valuable member of Team West Herr, and we are so lucky to have him! Keep up the amazing work, Oleh!

Watch more of Oleh’s story here!

If you or someone you know is interested in applying to West Herr to join our awesome technician team, you can find more information over on our careers page.

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