The Aurora Theatre Acquired by West Herr Auto Group

January 31st, 2022 by
AuroraTheatre WestHerr

Since 1925, The Aurora Theatre has had 6 different owners or “custodians.” These owners to name a few have included Irving Price and Elbert Hubbard II, The Blatt Brothers, The Kowals and, its current owners, Paul and Lynn Kinsella. As of February 1st, Scott Bieler with the West Herr Automotive Group will continue the legacy of The Aurora Theatre as its 7th owner.

“We could not be happier for The Aurora and the community to have Scott and his team assume ownership of the theatre and popcorn shop. Paul and I have enjoyed our time as its owners and are so excited that The Aurora Theatre will continue for many years to come,” states Lynn Kinsella. “Over the past 11 years, we are proud of the accomplishments we have had with support of our local residents and businesses from the conversion of 35 mm to digital projection to getting through a pandemic. It is now time for a new director behind the camera.”

The West Herr Automotive Group and Scott Bieler, President & CEO expressed that “West Herr is proud and honored to be able to carry on the legacy of the Aurora Theatre. The theater has played a significant role in the history of East Aurora, and has had a long standing reputation for providing great family entertainment the past 97 years, and we look forward to carrying on that tradition. We look forward to building on what Lynn and Paul Kinsella have built, and expanding on the charitable work they have done in the community. We plan on expanding and hosting more charitable events at the theatre, as well as speaker and musical events. After making some renovations to upgrade the facility that will hopefully improve the overall customer experience, we are excited for the opportunity to be the next steward of the Aurora Theatre and for this new opportunity for West Herr to serve our community.”

The Aurora Theatre will be closed February for renovations and will re-open their doors on Saturday, March 5th!

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